Imagine all your data and marketing campaigns at your fingertips.
SourcePoint® an Intelligent Marketing Platform, delivers simple, easy access to data that may be scattered across your organization. Get a complete view of your customers, prospects, transaction detail, clickstream, loyalty, store performance, geography, marketing campaigns and practically any other information you want. The intuitive interface of SourcePoint® puts that data at your fingertips along with the dashboards, custom analytics and rules-based marketing that you need. You can report on transaction information, create geo-demographic maps, select target lists, execute campaigns, . . . from any web-accessible location.

Engage your target with Connect, the customer engagement module. Turn your data into analytical insights to get real results. Fully integrated into SourcePoint, Connect empowers the execution of data-driven, multichannel campaigns – email, direct mail, web, mobile and social. And, Connect capture and integrates all the campaign deployment and response data to ensure a continuous cycle of improvement.

Better, faster, cheaper . . . but how?

Better, because our unique experience has allowed us to develop a user friendly marketing resource that is robust, scalable, quick to rollout and easily modified as your business changes. SourcePoint® is simple and intuitive because it is architected specifically to meet the needs of today's data intensive marketers. Best of all the data, analytics and customer engagement module are fully integrated and highly customized to fit your unique needs using the terminology, descriptors – even jargon – that are unique to your business.

Faster, because years of experience have resulted in an architecture specifically designed to meet the needs of today's data intensive marketers with the flexibility to be quickly customized to your unique needs. Our experienced team of professionals can have you up and running in 60 to 90 days.

Cheaper, because we've already made the capital investment necessary to bring SourcePoint to market. Taking advantage of our SaaS model, you get the latest version of all that SourcePoint has to offer for a fraction of your typical hardware, software and staffing costs – and for less than the competition. You pay no costly upgrade or maintenance agreements. You simply pay based on the size of your program.

Access   SourcePoint® provides a web-based portal that gives you secure access to all your customer data and marketing activity. SourcePoint® requires no special hardware or software — you can work with your data any time from any PC with Internet access.

Simplicity and Flexibility   SourcePoint® is designed to be simple and easy to use, with an intuitive interface and pain-free setup, and it's customized to fit your business, your budget, your work processes and your marketing strategy.

Dashboards and Reports   SourcePoint® organizes all your customer information, including customer-specific marketing activity and results. It produces powerful, clear reports and specialized views ranging from an executive-level dashboard to analyst-level detail.

Query and Analysis   SourcePoint® integrates your data with sophisticated analysis tools that bring you marketing insights — customer segmentation analysis, pivot and data cube analysis, demographic and lifestyle data overlays, graphing and geo-demographic mapping for visual representation of marketing potential.

Geo-Demographic Mapping   SourcePoint® mapping plots results such as customers, prospects, stores, competitors and other data on a geographic map. Using embedded drawing tools you can refine the geography to target any area you choose and then print the final map, export the final results to a file, or immediately deploy the results in a campaign.

Customer Engagement   SourcePoint® Connect helps you plan and execute your marketing campaigns. You can set up recurring marketing communications and automated trigger programs, plan a campaign from start to finish, calculate budgets and ROI projections, review creative options, and track results daily.

Data Optimization

Data Optimization

10,000 or 50,000,000 customers?
Billions of transaction details?
Significant sunk costs?

Many of our most successful engagements are with companies who have invested enormous sums in information infrastructure. Whether it's CRM, a data warehouse, a loyalty system, a BI toolset . . . those clients find it still takes days, weeks, sometimes months, to perform the complex tasks that SourcePoint® can accomplish in minutes. Contact us today to find out how we can solve your challenges will protecting your original investment.